Real Housewives of Atlanta VS. Basketball Wives

Since I am an avid reality show viewer, I often find myself comparing a lot of shows. For the most part, there seems to be a popular trend, DRAMA. No matter what show you glue your nosey eyeballs to, their will always be some sort of drama that links up to the show. However, I have my favorite reality shows, some being full of drama, and some that are very informative. Two shows that I admire/ want to be just like (I am not a follower, I am a leader) are Real Housewives of Atlanta and Basketball Wives. Before you begin to judge me and think I am a gold digger, let me just say, the only reason why I aspire to be like the cast on each of these shows is because they get to sit on their butt and do NOTHING at all. While viewing each of the reality series, I realized there are major comparisons within the ladies’ lives, but on the contrary there are some differences as well.

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If you are one of those viewers that volunteer at work to get off early just so you can go home and catch the beginning of Real House Wives of Atlanta, itching to see what new drama Nene Leakes has stirred up, you might notice that these stuck women lives isn’t all that “peachy king.” Or, maybe you are the girl that watches Basketball Wives and immediately inspires to become the next Mrs. Dwayne Wade, yet, their lives are just as miserable. Both shows have a depressing storyline because there’s always a bitter divorced woman crying about how her life could’ve been better..and..blah..blah..blah!

Also I’ve noticed that on both shows there’s always a “villain!” When I say the word “villain,” I’m not necessarily saying that I don’t like the person, I just know half of America probably doesn’t like that particular person. On Real Housewives of Atlanta I can weed out two villains, Kim Zolciak and Nene. Kim is a manipulator and she makes every conversation about herself. On the contrary, Nene is a “know it all” kind of woman and wants to play the “chief” of the show. Personally, I like both of the chicas, but I think it’s only because I am a dominator myself. Additionally, Evelyn Lozada is the only villain when it comes to Basketball Wives. Evelyn is a manipulator, hardcore diva, and unforgiving ex-fiancée of Antoine Walker. Evelyn prances around acing as if it’s a privilege to know her/ be in her prescience.  Once again, I happen to like Evelyn due to the fact she is not trying to please everyone and she is cold hearted like me. Looks great if you’re aspiring to be an attorney (For the record, I am not trying to be an attorney).

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Although both shows have miserable women trying to become entrepreneurs/ finding their niche in life, they are still different.

Basketball Wives for instance, is composed of several women that all have had some sort of ties to a professional NBA player. These women have created a “circle” in order to keep each other sane and youthful, all while sharing their dramatic stories hoping that it would encourage one another. Also, the show’s primary focus is to show the problems that each woman faces regarding groupies, infidelity, drama within the circle, and living the fast life.

Real Housewives of Atlanta is a lot different than Basketball Wives. The show separates each woman’s life, and highlights the major points that are current. Although each individual lives in Atlanta they are not categorized as one and they are not trying to build a “circle.” These women are unique in their own way and they date men of different professions. The Housewives are more sophisticated than the Basketball Wives, maybe because their ego isn’t as high up as others.


If you watch either of these shows, I’m asking you to give me your opinion. Both shows are awesome but I am afraid that the reality shows we are watching are becoming more and more repetitive. Is it because America is so used to drama television, we are forgetting the craft of TV? Or do you think society is so caught up in living the “fast life” that even if we watch it on TV it somehow feeds our dreams, which causes us to continue to engage in reality TV? Whatever your thoughts are be sure to leave your comment, it will be interesting to know your opinion.

CHECK OUT THIS INTERVIEW WITH ONE OF THE BASKETBALL WIVES (currently the only one that is still married!)


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